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Hi everyone!! I´m super exited for I´m going to show you in today´s post. One of my favourite youtubers Kathleen Lights has just realeased a new collection in colaboration with Colour Pop (I´ve written about her previous one in this post) and it´s called: Where the night is.

The eyeshadow quad is full of deep and bright but wearable colours which I love, and what´s good about this kit is that if you only want one shadow you don´t have to buy the whole kit as they sale each shadow individually.

This as all ColourPop shadows are very creamy and easy to work with. However it´s true  that there are no matte shades, in my case that´s not a problem as I´m not a matte shade lover, but even if you are, you can find matte shades in every single brand , whereas I find that this shadows are so unique shades that you won´t find them that easily. That´s what I think  they are worth the money.
Porter: Purple burgundy shade

Telepathy: Bright gold with green undertones 
(It´s crazy pigmented and the picture does no justice to how beautiful the colour really is)

Midnight: A black with a lot of gold sparkles which could seem like a really deep khaki.
(It´s much more deeper than what the picture shows).
Weenie: True Rose Gold with a metallic finished

Overall I´d say that the metallic sparkly finished it´s very well achieved, and It´s has nothing to do with other shadows that have those finishes. They aren´t extremely glittery and the fall out is minimum which prevents you from looking like a sparkly light bulb, and really who wants that?

Talking about lip products Kathleen has come up with two new lipsticks with their matching lip pencils. The one that I´m showing you is Taurus which reminds me a lot to the new Kylie Jenner liquid lipstick in True Brown K, and let´s be honest this Colour Pop lippie is about Five times cheaper. So, there you have a good dupe!

Taurus: Deep brown ( creamy texture ) 

The other lipstick is called Aquarius, and I don´t really like the colour because I think that it´s quite similar to Lumière, but I like better Lumière colour as it´s more mauvy.

Well and that´s it for today´s post, I hoped you´ve liked it !! See you soon!!

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